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Accounts Receivable

Easy Business Solutions Accounts Receivable module

Easy Business Solutions Accounts Receivables module is designed for accounting department, streamlining the process of account receivables. The application enables you toeasily and carefully track invoices,transactions,service charges, bad checks, incoming payments from customers.You can then perform many tasks that are related to customers and sales, like makinginquiries, search outstanding invoices, auto inquiries and reports about all data that is accessible in the Accounts.


  • Track sales and incoming payment from customers.
  • Detailed log of all accounts receivable transactions.
  • Automatic payment reminders.
  • Effectively tracking past due invoices.
  • Reporting System.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Integrated with the HR, Payroll, Timesheet and the accounting systems.

Invoice History

You should be able to search all the invoices by their status and send reminders about the pending invoices. In case there is a correction needed for the invoice, you should be able to modify and re-generate the invoice.

The system has an automated reminders that sents an email to the customer if the invoice is past due.


All the payments that we receive from the customer are captured and they are posted to the QuickBooks for reconciliation.Bad checks are tracked and service charges are d to receivables, and the service charge calculation can be adjusted to your requirements.


Each time your team is paid, a report will be generated detailing the payment. It includes the members paid, their hours worked, the total amount paid, and the date range of the time worked. You can export or print the reports for your records. Workforce management has never been so simple.

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